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Genesis Boron 500 RGB – performance and style

Created: Oct 8, 2019

The Genesis Boron 500 RGB pads are available in two sizes: M (350 x 250 mm) and XXL (800 x 300 mm) so that fans of both high and low device DPIs will be happy. Each pad includes a rubber, anti-slip base, which provides stability even during the most dynamic sessions.

The outer surface of the Genesis Boron 500 RGB and Boron 500 XXL RGB was made from a speed type material with a low friction factor. This solution guarantees smooth slides and optimal precision for devices with optical and laser sensors. In order to provide high durability, the manufacturer secured the edges of the pad, which normally are prone to tearing. The Boron 500 XXL RGB also stands out because of its original design – users who value both parameters and unique looks will surely appreciate.

Every Genesis Boron 500 RGB gives users the ability to illuminate their desks with one of 11 light modes. There are 7 solid colors available with the addition of 4 modes with the rainbow effect. In order to use them, you don’t have to install any additional software. An orderly placement of the USB 1.8 m power cord is possible thanks to the included cable holder.

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