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Genesis has introduced steering wheels to its offer!

Created: Jan 3, 2020

Should you buy a racing steering wheel? You don’t have to convince any racing game fan – they know that even the best keyboard or gamepad will not replace a wheel. Genesis has prepared two cost-effective steering wheels for those players who want to experience a new level of realism – the Seaborg 300 and 350.

New Genesis steering wheels allow players to change gears with the use of wings located behind a 10-inch wheel. Those accustomed to gear knobs will find one on the right side of the device. The set includes spring brake and accelerator pedals. Six strong suction cups, and mounting brackets provide solid stability, while a two meter USB cable guarantees continuous communication.

The Genesis Seaborg 300 is intended for PC platers, while the Seaborg 350 is a multiplatform design compatible with PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch devices.

Both wheels allow for 180 degrees movement, equipped with 15 function buttons. These include 8 action buttons and an 8-way DPAD with the option to configure them. Moreover, the Seaborg 300 and 350 are equipped in vibration functions to further boost the feeling of realism.

The Seaborg 300 and 350 design boasts a carbon-like finishing and rubber inserts in red (Seaborg 300) or blue (Seaborg 350). Their function is to prevent hands from slipping during more dynamic movement.

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