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New In-ear headphones Genesis Oxygen 400 !

Created: Nov 13, 2019

Genesis introduces new in-ear headphones - Oxygen 400.

Oxygen 400 are gaming earphones, which will bring you into the virtual world even better, completely cutting off sounds coming to your ears from the outside world. Created for those, that not only value high quality of sound, but also functionality far above average.

Modern and large 10 mm drivers make the earphones serve hefty audio into Your ears on a silver platter. We took care to ensure that Oxygen 400, first of all, will spoil you with what they’re made for – transmitting high-quality sound in all virtual world circumstances.

Earphones are multiplatform, that means they will cooperate with PC, consoles and smartphones.


Oxygen 400 have a lot of great features:


  • Ergonomic earhooks, that improve the stability of earphones while inside ear and prevent them from slipping out.
  • Detachable microphone with high quality recording
  • Additional microphone in on-cable mounted remote
  • Bi-flange eartips which ensure even better isolation from outside noise and sound quality
  • Two colors of eartips and earhooks are included for your own color cofiguration - black or red
  • Puch bag which will facilitate transport and safe-eekping yours Oxygen 400

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