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We are one of the major polish distributors of PC hardware and peripherals, gaming accessories, network solutions and wide-ranging consumer electronics. Our Capital Group is characterized above all by dynamic development, pursuit of innovative and unconventional solutions and creation of high quality standards of services we offer.



Our genesis goes back to the 1997, when Impakt was a small private firm. We past a lot of developmental stages in our twenty years old history, starting from 2002, when Impakt changed its legal status to Ltd., and then, in 2016 turned into the Joint-Stock Company. The profile of our business had been transformed along with current market changes. At the very beginning our main activities were concentrated on distributions of applications, educational programs and computer games. Along with company development and expanding of the distribution net the new assortment was introduced – computer accessories and data-storage devices. Distribution contracts were quickly signed with leading Polish suppliers. Constant response to the market changes allowed us to expand both our business profile and our reach and number of contractors. Along with Poland’s accession to the EU Impakt started to import products of world-famous producers. We also gained a distributor status of a few large international corporations. The next step towards the development of the company was the introduction of the Internet system of the customer service eTrade. Today, among our customers there are hundreds of computer, audio -video and stationery companies from all over Poland and also the leading distributors of software and hardware. Impakt has been developing ambitiously but stably, each year increasing its turnover, profits and assets. With the development of our services and reach, the number of people employed in the company is constantly increasing. New departments are created (VPM, Retail, Export), and since 2015 the company is located in a modern office building connected with a dynamically developed warehouse and logistics centre.


At the moment we mainly specialize in the distribution on the wide-raging IT market in branches, such as peripherals, accessories and hardware, gaming accessories, network solutions and consumer electronics. We also provide products to the traditional channel, which is represented with thousands of small specialized shops, on-line shops, supermarket chains, chains of specialized stores and the biggest wholesalers. The continuous development and expansion of our offer to further manufacturers makes our profile steadily developing. Today, most of our activities are concentrated in several areas.:


The market for games and e-sports, which includes all kinds of accessories and peripherals such as mice, keyboards, consoles, mousepads and gamepads as well as the games themselves, is growing rapidly, both in Poland and globally. We have been responding to growing needs in this practical segment since the beginning of our business and are now the leading provider of gaming accessories in Poland and a distributor of global gaming brands such as: Genesis, SteelSeries, Cooler Master, Roccat, Thrustmaster and others.


Our company dynamically develops its offer in the Professional Solutions segment, creating the most comprehensive network solutions offer possible, both for the home user, as well as for small and medium-sized companies or server rooms. In the network segment Impakt JSC is, among others, the largest distributor of the Netis brand in the EU and the exclusive distributor of PowerWalker, Lanberg, Gembird, Equip, Level1 and Delock solutions in Poland. More recently, the Impakt portfolio has also been enriched with advanced ASUSTOR solutions. In addition to distribution and after-sales services, our Professional Solutions department provides numerous commercial and technical trainings in the field of PowerWalker emergency power supply, NAS ASUSTOR file servers, active Netis and passive Lanberg networks. The wide range of Power Walker server emergency power supplies models, combined with an ever-expanding choice of Lanberg cabinets and network tools, as well as Netis network equipment and NAS servers from ASUSTOR, provides a comprehensive solution for small and medium-sized servers. The Impakt portfolio also includes structural wiring from Gembird and Lanberg, Armac security devices and specialized adapters and controllers from Delock. We are also open to cooperation with designers or installers in the selection of products suitable for new buildings.


Impakt S. A. also devotes a lot of attention to providing solutions and products needed for everyday use. In this segment in our distribution you can find solutions from manufacturers such as Verbatim, Sony, Intenso, DOD, Delock or Natec. The offer covers a wide range of products from small electronics (flash drives, readers, hubs, power banks) to DOD car cameras to 3D printer filaments.


Our offer is also distinguished by an unimaginable number of types of cables. From simple USB or stereo cables, through solutions such as UTP, transmission cables, to SATA, SFTP or various types of dividers and adapters.



Our most important aim in business is to guarantee that our Customers will be served as well as possible, that their needs and their Clients’ needs will be fulfilled with respect to the quality and assortment that we offer, and, finally, to create partnership with our Trading Partners. Our ambition is to create a company that, in spite of external conditions, is efficient, fair and stable and subject to continuous development. It is important for us to have flexibility in actions and solutions designed to meet the expectations of each recipient. Our capital is people – young and ambitious, who are committed to creating a positive image of the company, and also care about competence and professionalism at work.



"We’re going in the same direction" - We consider our Customers to be professionals who know what the best is for themselves. We are also like that so we are achieving our common aims together. Partnering with any, even the smallest, contractor is what we aim for.



We offer products which are in accord with the specificity of our local market IT. We focus on the quality, not forgetting about the dominant price on the Polish market. Joining these two, apparently contradictory concepts, we have conceived the offer that has perfectly gratified our customers’ expectations. You can watch the offered line of products and brands in the catalogue of products and producers.


What we give and what we expect

To our customers we offer:

1. a wide assortment of goods,

2. lower prices than the competition can offer,

3. professional service,

4. partnership,

5. credit facilities,

6. the Internet system of the customer service eTrade,

7. marketing support,

8. promotions.


From our trading partners we expect to respect due dates of payment.

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