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  • Jaki jest regulamin i warunki współpracy?

    For more details please contact us by e-mail:

  • How to become a Trading Partner?

    For more details please contact us by e-mail:


    • possibility of trade credits and registration in our eTrade Internet Customer Service System,
    • marketing support,
    • special offers for Partners,
    • membership in our loyalty program with rewards,
    • various information sent electronically.



    • more required documents.
  • Is it possible to make a purchase without joining the Partnership Program?

    Yes, it is possible for companies wishing to make a quick purchase, completing the minimum required amount of paperwork. To perform a quick registration, you need to provide us with all of your company's details.

    Orders will be fulfilled after either paying in by cash, making a direct bank transfer, or immediately if cash on arrival is chosen.


    • no trade credit,
    • no on-line system access,
    • no Partner support,
    • no information sent via e-mail.



    • minimum documentation required.
  • What is a Trade Agreement and where can I find it?

    A trade agreement allows you to:

    • become an Impakt Partner,
    • apply for buyers credit,
    • use our B2B system (eTrade).
  • What is eTrade?

    eTrade is a b2b system (allowing transactions between two business entities), created by Impakt. eTrade allows you to: browse our product offer with prices customized for each customer, place orders and inquiries, check billings, check the credit limit and payment dates, file and review complaints.

  • How to register for eTrade?

    In order to register for eTrade, you must register in the eTrade system (here).

  • Can I integrate with eTrade using an API?

    Yes, it is possible to integrate the eTrade system with the client system using an API. The documentation on how to do this is available through the eTrade platform, in the "API Documentation" tab. To access the documentation, you must first register for eTrade.

  • What are the payment options?

    There are several payment options:

    • payment in cash at the front desk before collecting the goods,
    • bank transfer before receiving the goods (on the basis of a pro-forma invoice),
    • cash on delivery.


    For information on trade credit, please refer to the "How to obtain trade credit/delayed payments?" section.

  • How to obtain trade credit/delayed payments?

    In order to make purchases in Impakt using trade credit, you need to:

    1. Have a signed Trade Agreement with Impakt.
    2. Make purchases for a specified amount within a certain time period (agreed individually for each customer).
    3. Apply for the trade limit and delayed payment on the loan application. 

    The value of the credit and the date of payment are set individually after a positive verification of the Partner application. Impakt S.A. reserves the right to refuse a trade credit without stating a reason. Statutory disciplinary interest will be charged for missing the payment deadline, and lack of repayment after written summons will cause the case to be transferred to a debt collection agency.

  • I want to use electronic invoices. What do I need to do?

    The eInvoice service sends invoices electronically via e-mail.

    A customer who wants to use electronic invoices (eInvoice) should:

    1. Read and accept the Terms of Service of use of electronic invoices.
    2. Send a Declaration of Acceptance of electronic invoices to our office.

    If the customer wants to use the eCorrection Invoices, they should inform their Trade Partner about it.

  • What are the delivery costs and minimum order value?
    • If the value of the order is greater than the logistic minimum of 600 PLN (net), then the promotional cost of the shipment is 2 PLN (net), as long as the order does not contain bulky items.
    • if the value of the order is lower than the logistic minimum, the transport costs of 20 PLN (net) are added if the order does not include large-size products
    • if the order does contain large-size products, the logistic minimum entitling to the promotional cost of shipping is 3000 PLN (net). If the invoice value is below this amount, a shipping cost of 100 PLN (net) will be added.


    A product is classified as "bulky" if its size or weight exceeds the dimensions of standard shipping. Such items are marked in the eTrade system as a "bulky product". Information on whether an invoice contains a bulky item can also be obtained by contacting the sales department.


    We allow Saturday deliveries by DPD. This service enables delivery of parcels on Saturdays between 8am and 5pm. This is only available if the parcel can be shipped during the last working day. Such deliveries have a surcharge of 50% added on top of the standard shipping cost.

  • What are the warranty and service terms?

    You can read the terms of the warranty and service in the Service tab (here).

  • Where do I download drivers?

    You can read the terms of the warranty and service in the Service tab.

  • I want to become a supplier for Impakt. What do I need to do?

    To become an Impakt Supplier, fill out the Vendor Data Sheed and send it together with a KRS Extract and a copy of your VAT and REGON number to the head office of the Impakt company.

  • How do we process personal data?

    When cooperating or exchanging electronic correspondence with our company, you provide us with certain personal data of which we become the administrator. This includes e.g. information provided in the forms placed on our website, the e-Trade system, as well as information contained in your e-mail footer. (read more…)

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