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Natec introduces new paper shredders

Feb 26, 2019

Natec is mailny known for its computer accessories and numerous peripheral devices. Now the company is introducing paper shredders to its offer. This type of device is invaluable when we take the personal data protection laws into consideration


Feb 12, 2019

Important notice for Lanberg customers - the producer replaces the current HDMI cables with  the manufacturer code: HDMI-10CC, which are shorter than 5m; with better, more modern models:

Useful detectors for every house / flat

Dec 18, 2018

Lanberg: Domestic detectors

Five models of detector have just made their way to Lanberg brand portfolio. Some of them, just like the SR-104 model, can prevent any leaks / floods from occurring, Other models, such as the Lanberg carbon dioxide detector - SR-1005 – is able to save something much more precious.

Lanberg brand enters the surveillance market!

Dec 10, 2018

Brand of professional networking solutions - Lanberg - is growing in strength. Recently manufacturer has added to its comprehensive portfolio of network equipment such as routers, server cabinet accessories and cabling completely new products – surveillance kits. All 4 available Lanberg surveillance sets share a common design and handling.  You can seamlessly switch between IP cameras, even without a computer. All you need is a smartphone with a dedicated app installed, available both for iOS and Android mobile devices. Now opportunity of catching a glimpse of your surveillance is always available in the palm of your hand. Convenient and simple.

Genesis Helium 700BT – 2+1 wireless speakers

Nov 20, 2018

Genesis is introducing a new speaker set, which combines an aggressive, gaming design with a considerable power and cordless technology. The Helium 700BT S was designed by Genesis, a brand associated mainly with gaming equipment. The design of the new audio system visibly refers to gaming equipment, although it’s use range is universal. Placing the Helium 700BT in a room is especially easy, as there are no cables involved (apart from the power cord).

Fury Stalker – a wireless gaming mouse

Nov 16, 2018

Good sensitivity, convenient shape, rubber finishing. Do you want something more? The Fury Stalker adds an affordable price and a lack of a cord to the mix. The Fury series’ products stand out from the crowd thanks to its recognizable design, which combines black, gray, and blue. The same thing can be said about the new product, called Stalker. Its name is a reference to the popular video game series. This should not surprise anyone, because the mouse is intended for fans of these games.

Audictus Winner – wireless headphones with a strong battery

Nov 15, 2018

Audictus’ offer includes several wireless headphones. Now a new product joins this selection, a model with leather elements and a battery for up to 8 hours of work. Audictus is introducing a new product to the market, a model that will surely turn the heads of mobile users. Winner is fully wireless, using Bluetooth 4.2 communication standard. Its in-built microphone allows users to talk through the phone as well.

A new stellar Natec Universe mousepad

Oct 23, 2018

Responding to the needs of consumers and surprising them with novelties, Natec has introduced a sensational NatecUniverse mouse pad included in the collection of functional pads with wonderful and timeless designs. No matter if you are an astronomer, an astronaut, or maybe even a romantic and a dreamer, Natec Universe is the perfect mouse pad for all night sky enthusiasts.

Natec Lynx – new, USB powered speakers

Oct 8, 2018

Laptops have a common problem – weak, quiet speakers. But it’s an easy issue to solve. All you need is external speakers. The solution is simple, yet we still have to remember about power. When looking for external laptop speakers, you should consider buying those which are powered through a USB port.


Sep 28, 2018

Since the moment of appearing on the market, Lanberg has been primarily associated with a wide range of server cabinets and accessories to them. However, the manufacturer's portfolio is much larger and from now on it has extended with a new and important category of Wi-Fi routers. By doing so, the manufacturer wants to point out that the specialisation in passive network solutions was only an introduction to extending the offer and more comprehensive service of the network segment.

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