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Genesis Xenon 220 – a silent and striking gaming mouse

Created: Jan 9, 2020

Genesis Xenon 220 is equipped with silent switches, being user-friendly to owners who like to play or work until late night hours. This is also particularly practical in the case of streamers or users who are taking part in video conferences or live streams, where loud clicking is not very welcome. The mouse is equipped with teflon sliders for silent and smooth cursor movement on larger surfaces.

The new mouse model stands out from the crowd thanks to built-in RGB illumination with the PRISMO effect. It can be switched with the button on the casing or modified from an application. It also allows for macro saving, programmable for each of seven buttons, as well as saving settings as profiles, also in the in-built memory of the device.

Genesis Xenon 220 includes an optical sensor with 6400 DPI, which should satisfy players looking for precision and speed. Aiming is easier thanks to a special button, that changes the DPI to one of six predefines levels. According to the manufacturer, the mouse allows for acceleration of up to 12 G, and its maximum tracking speed is 32 inches per second.

The designers of the Xenon 220 created a slightly profiled casing for better ergonomics. Additionally, the rubber finishing of the sides translates into a firm grip. The device weighs 99 grams only.


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