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Created: Jun 5, 2020




Impakt S.A as the only and official distributor of Munchkin in Poland. The brand offers creative, innovative, and patented baby accessories that meet the highest standards.


Munchkin’s offer includes products for everyday use: accessories for feeding babies, learning how to drink and eat independently, and educational bath toys. The manufacturer surprises above all with above-average creativity, as evidenced by as many as 225 patents.


All products were created to support a baby’s development every day, both while eating, drinking, and playing. They are colourful, made of the highest quality materials and above all safe for your child. Munchkin is the undeniable leader of the baby accessories industry in the USA.


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In addition to standard gel teethers, Munchkin’s offer also includes unique teethers that are great when you expand your child’s diet. This is an especially important stage in the life of a parent. Everyone wants to give their little one what is best and essential.


Teethers are adapted to the form of liquid and light food. In the case of liquid food, we can be sure that the baby will not choke, because special, profiled, small holes have been created in the teether, thanks to which the baby eats the right amount by sucking. However, in the case of light food, the teether has been equipped with a special mesh that prevents choking.


The most unique product known all over the world is Figure 8 Teether Toy, which stimulates baby’s gums and develops the child’s imagination. The toy simultaneously entertains and teaches how to grip, also supporting the development of manual skills. The product changes its shape through twisting, and the teether's sensory elements stimulate the sense of touch due to various protrusions to massage gums.


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Training cups not only make it easier for the parent to feed their baby, but also teach independent drinking. Training cups have many patented systems that will protect the liquid inside from spilling, but also positively affect a baby’s development. Cups are adjusted to the child’s age.


One of many patents is the special Miracle 360® system, which allows the child to drink from any edge of the cup, while when the child stops drinking, the lid closes automatically. The Miracle 360® system is recommended by dentists because it does not disturb occlusion, and additionally teaches the child to drink independently.


The Click Lock™ system will be appreciated by all parents. The technology is used in cups with a weighed straw and flaps. It allows its tight closing by closing the lid and hiding the straw, which prevents the beverage from spilling out and the straw from becoming dirty.


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Teaching a child to eat independently can be a great adventure, but also a challenge for both the baby and its parent. However, it should be remembered that this is another important step in the development of your child. One of the useful accessories used to introduce the first solid foods are special dishes and accessories designed to meet the needs of children.


Young children love to imitate their parents, and thanks to Munchkin’s sets of utensils they can feel like adults during a meal. All utensils are rounded and safe for your child.


One of the most interesting proprietary patents used in selected products is White Hot® technology, the task of which is to measure the temperature of baby food. The patent definitely facilitates daily childcare. Accessories equipped with White Hot® technology have a built-in temperature sensor, which in case of too high food temperature changes its colour to white, while when the product returns to its original colour, it means that the food is already suitable for the child.


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For children, bathing is primarily a daily dose of fun, relaxation, and calmness before bedtime. Munchkin’s bath toys and accessories will definitely help in this - they will ensure great fun, pouring water, painting with special crayons, as well as role-plays with various toys. All Munchkin’s bath toys are adapted to a child’s development and age. They develop manual skills, hand and eye coordination. The offer also includes bathmats and accessories useful to organize toys and necessary items during bathing.


We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the product offer on the website of Impakt S.A, the official distributor of Munchkin in Poland.


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