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Created: Oct 26, 2021

A comfortable gaming chair is an extremely important element of every player's gaming stand. Nitro 650 is a modern armchair featuring ergonomic solutions that will ensure comfort during many hours of games. Nitro 650 perfectly adapts to the individual needs of each figure, thanks to which you will forget about the ailments associated with long-term sitting.

The chair has profiled sections: lumbar and headrest, which give proper body support and support the spine in maintaining a safe posture. The strong construction and durable five-spoke base make the Nitro 650 extremely stable. The use of a top-class gas lift, rated up to 150 kg, will keep you securely in place even during the most dynamic movements.

Discover all the features of Nitro 650:

- Profiled lumbar and headrest,

- made of abrasion-resistant fabric and ecological leather,

- filled with moulded foam,

- the function of rocking and changing the angle of inclination of the backrest,

- height adjustable seat

- height adjustable armrests,

- large non-scratch wheels

- the highest-class gas lift with a load capacity of up to 150 kg.


Do not hesitate to present Genesis Nitro 650 Onyx Black armchair to your customers today!

More about the product: Nitro 650

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