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Dear Customers

From 1st January 2012, Impakt is starting the service of submitting complaints, through  the form on website, tab service/complaints.
Customers which purchased the products from distributor with a service contract with Impakt company, will be able to report customer complaints.

Terms of service

  1. Creating a complaint of defective product is possible only after filling On-line form, correct filling of the application and Service authorization.
  2. There are two ways of submitting complaints:
    - Purchase from Impakt S.A.:  Please use the RMA module in eTrade system [link] and proceed according to the following steps.
    - Purchase from Impakt S.A. Partner.: Please, use the RMA template [link] and proceed according to the following steps. 
  3. It is possible to send faulty devices using post or any courier company at the sender's expense, or to deliver the items personally only with correctly filled form and given RMA number. Goods send without generated RMA number will not be accepted by the Impakt Service.
  4. You should stick address label with RMA number in form of barcode generated by the system. The package must be sent to the address appearing on the RMA label. Shipments addressed to Impakt company, will not be accepted despite of attached RMA label. Shipping cost  to Impakt service is covered by a customer and the cost of return shipping is covered by Impakt.
  5. Please enter the most accurate description of a fault. In the absence of description, the equipment will be tested in a general way, but in this case the fault may not be detected. If an undescribed defect is not detected, the product will be returned in the same condition in which it was sent to service
  6. Products returned or sent for repair should be complete and in original packaging. Returning incomplete products may extend the period of repair and makes it impossible to replace the product and to issue a correction invoice. You can use alternative packaging instead of original, but it must adequately protect the item from damage during transport. Impakt company is not responsible for any damages of goods during transportation to the service
  7. Goods should be delivered to service before the end of the warranty period of the product. Verification of warranty period is done on the basis of product serial number, warranty card and/or invoice.
  8. Please, send products with external manufacturer's warranty directly to the service indicated on the original warranty card. Impakt Sp. z o.o. is not involved in mediating between the customer and the service of the manufacturer, and is not responsible for work of those services
  9. Impakt company isn't conducting post-warranty maintenance and commercial service of sold products
  10. After previous arrangement and acceptation by Impakt, it is possible to send package at the recipient expense using a carrier, with which Impakt has signed a forwarding contract. Cost of such package will be re-invoiced to the sender. Parcels sent in this way without service authorization will not be accepted, and the sender will pay cost of both way transport.


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